World War Z Review (Spoiler Free)

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Today’s blog post is World War Z by Max Brooks. This is easily one of my favourite books, one that I’ve read half a dozen times. The main structure of the novel is a variety of anecdotes from humanity about the zombie war. The tone of the book is serious and due to this the stories are engaging and each one grabs your attention.

Chilling and engaging, I always tear through the novel in a matter of days, it’s one of those rare novels that is nearly impossible to put down. Honestly, it might be my very favourite piece of zombie related media, whether that be books, movies or whatever. It’s just great.

When reading you can tell that Brooks  took a serious and exhaustive look at what could actually happen if the zombie apocalypse happened. Nothing campy, just realistic scenarios. Sure it’s odd to say that it’s realistic, I mean its a zombie book but it doesn’t feel like pure fantasy. Theres a devastating logic to the way things progress.

The acendotes are chock full of fascinating characters and locations. There’s not much to say about it that doesn’t give spoilers and this is a novel that you don’t want spoiled. Going in fresh is the best way to experience World War Z.

If you like zombies at all then you should have already read the book. And if not then what are you waiting for? It sounds like I’m hyping it up out of control but I believe it deserves all of the praise that I’m giving.

I should address the movie but I won’t, I don’t want to rant too much. All you need to know is that pretty much all the movie and the book share is a title. I mean the zombies aren’t even the same, which is ridiculous.

The book however, is a great read, quick, chilling and engaging. what else could you want? So if you haven’t picked it up yet then what are you waiting for?

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