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A Burden Given

No good deed goes unpunished. Gerald is a bastard, born to a Queen who despises him. Tasked with investigating a suspicious death, Gerald is sent far from his home in the Capital. However, when he arrives at the village Redstone, he finds unexpected dangers waiting for him. Now Gerald is isolated, outnumbered, and far from the life that he knew. Yet he must succeed, no matter the odds, if those under his protection are to survive. Packed with mystery, politics and pulse quickening action, A Burden Given is a fast paced read that pulls you in and doesn’t let go.

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Life Under the Noose

Fifteen years ago, Rivers was stolen from his village, under the orders of a King. Forced to serve, Rivers’ life was safe as long as his village stayed loyal. Only now it seems that they have broken faith with the King, and the noose around his neck grows tight. His life is forfeit, unless he travels back to his home, and delivers the punishment himself. Now Rivers is faced with an impossible choice. If the life he has carved out for himself is to survive, he must destroy his old world. How far will he go to save his own life? How far can one man be pushed before he breaks?

Life Under the Noose is a fast paced, character driven novel for readers who love gritty action, and high stakes.



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Last Chances Die Softly


Jason is a murderer, Or at least he was. Convicted and sentenced, he served his time. Now after decades behind bars he’s been offered one last chance. Sent to Oakview Halfway House, he has the opportunity to turn his life around and put his violent past behind him. 
However, once the disappearances start Jason is forced to realize that his past might not be buried as deeply as he hoped…



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